Extended warranty

Extended warranty for professional screens and projectors VALID ONLY FOR THE REGION OF BULGARIA
You can purchase an additional 24-month warranty for the following product categories: professional screens and projectors. So you add another 2 years to the standard factory warranty for the products in the two categories.
The insurer shall cover the total loss or partial damage of the insured property resulting from sudden and unforeseen accidental damage as a result of a material defect or manufacturing defect. The insurer will indemnify the insured up to the amount of the insurance amount (limit) specified in the insurance policy for the costs of parts, labor, transport and additional expenses incurred for repairing the insured property or for the costs of replacing that property, which are the result on damage to the insured property, which occurred during the term of the insurance. The insurer will only cover repair costs carried out by an authorized repairer who has been assigned and / or approved to have the product repaired.
You can find out all the terms and conditions of the additional guarantee from the General terms and conditions OF "EXTENDED WARRANTY".