Samsung FLIP WM55H 55"

Model code: LH55WMHPTWC/EN

Samsung FLIP WM55H 55"

An interactive digital flipchart designed for creative thinking, collaboration and innovation

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)
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1440 00 eur
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Main characteristics
Diagonal Size:
55 инч
Operating System:

Professionally Showcase Your Work

Adjust to varying huddle room dynamics without sacrificing comfort. Featuring a versatile pivot mode and ergonomic stand, each Flip display can configure to a portrait or landscape orientation to match your collaborative needs.
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Sync Viewing, Sync Control

The touch out control functionality allows users to sync their personal devices to the Flip for real-time viewing and control. Changes made on the central screen will automatically transmit to the user's personal device, and vice versa, for efficient, matched viewing.
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Present Visuals with Precision

Samsung Flip maintains consistent and clear UHD picture quality regardless of the surrounding environment or use case, introducing more powerful and compelling visuals to the meeting room.
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Effortlessly Share Post-Meeting Recaps

Any meeting participant knows the frustration of capturing and sending handwritten recaps. The Samsung Flip relieves this burdensome process. Save conversations and critical content within the display's central storage, and easily share with your colleagues through mobile and digital channels.
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Transform Any Space into a Meeting Room

For businesses with limited collaborative areas, the Flip Display helps to elevate any personal office or available room into a fully-functional huddle space. A portable, wheel-based stand empowers you to start a meeting anywhere, anytime.
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Hall sensor

The screen turns on instantly when a user removes the pen in the holder
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Accelerometer sensor

The UX intuitively adjusts according to the Flip's portrait or landscape orientation.
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Draw & Write with a Pen-to-Paper Feel

Flip Notation gives you the smooth fast, familiar feel of traditional writing in a versatile digital format, with a variety of colors, styles and widths available. Up to 4 people can write simultaneously, using any object as a writing tool. You can also quickly clear either a small section or full screen worth of content using a hand swipe motion.
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Enjoy Versatile Connectivity

Samsung Flip's connectivity empowers a fully synchronized, user-friendly collaborative experience. Align your personal devices with the central screen for interactive content visibility, notation and sharing.
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Keep Your Ideas Within Reach

Avoid the fears of lost or erased handwritten meeting notes. Backed by the powerful TIZEN 3.0 operating system, the Flip offers extensive, centralized space to store meeting content. Additionally, TIZEN 3.0 provides you and your team with an intuitive interface to locate and view saved materials.
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Natural Touch-Driven Communication

With Flip Touch, InGlass™ touch display technology helps to ensure real-time feedback and speeds without delay. This allows you to experience smooth writing or drawing, virtually equivalent to that of working on traditional paper.
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Navigate Intuitively

Flip Navigation provides an intuitive, user-friendly menu that simplifies navigation and reduces the time required to access controls or view content in its entirety. Facilitators can also preview individual content pages and make instant changes directly on the screen.
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Capture Notes for Collaboration

Through the Flip's broad connectivity, Flip Capture lets you and your team share and make notations within a variety of content files, all maintained at optimal visual quality.
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Diagonal Size:
55 инч
Panel Type:
300 nit
Contrast Ratio:
Viewing Angle(H/V) :
Response Time(G-to-G) :
8 мс
Touch Technology:
Wi-Fi support:
Power Consumption Max:
165 W
Power Consumption Typical:
100 W
Power Consumption:
562.65 BTU
Power Consumption Sleep Mode:
0.5 W
Power Supply :
AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
Mechanical Spec
Dimension Set (WxHxD):
1302.6 X 805.5 X 52.0 мм
Dimension Package (WxHxD):
1469 X 924 X 210 мм
Weight Set:
28.9 кг
Weight Package:
34.9 кг
VESA Mount :
400 x 400 мм
Stand Type:
Moving Stand(Acc), Wall Mount
Protection Glass:
Operating Temperature :
0.0 ℃ ~ 40.0 ℃
Humidity :
10.0 % ~ 80.0 %
Flip App
Special Features:
H/W : Super Clear Coating, Temperature Sensor, Pivot Display, Clock Battery(168hrs Clock Keeping), Built in Speaker(10W x 2), WiFi Module Embedded S/W : Flip S/W Platform : Kant-M (Tizen 3.0)
Internal Player
CA72 Quad(1.7GHz)
On-Chip Cache Memory:
L1 (I/D) : 32KB / 32KB L2 (Unified) : 1MB
Clock Speed:
1.7GHz CPU Quad
Main Memory:
LPDDR4 1400MHz 64bit 3GB
2D & 3D Graphics Engine - Up to 1920x1080. 32bpp - Supports OpenGL ES
8GB (2.65GB Occupied by O/S, 5.35GB Available, )
IO Ports:
USB 2.0
Operating System:


  • 19.23%
    Samsung STN-WM55H
    Samsung STN-WM55H 55"
    STN-W - Series
    569 eur 460 00 eur
    *The price is without VAT included

    A portable, wheel-based stand for the Samsung Flip digital flipchart




  Product Samsung FLIP WM55H 55"
  Serie WMH Series Flip
  Model Code LH55WMHPTWC/EN
  Image Samsung WMH
1440 eur
Diagonal Size 55 инч
Panel Type E-LED
Resolution 3840x2160
Brightness 300 nit
Touch Technology "

Wi-Fi support


Type Internal
Power Supply AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Max 165 W
Power Consumption Typical 100 W
Power Consumption 562.65 BTU
Power Consumption Sleep Mode 0.5 W
Dimension Set (WxHxD) 1302.6 X 805.5 X 52.0 мм
Dimension Package (WxHxD) 1469 X 924 X 210 мм
Weight Set 28.9 кг
Weight Package 34.9 кг
VESA Mount 400 x 400 мм
Protection Glass "
Stand Type Moving Stand(Acc), Wall Mount
Operating Temperature 0.0 ℃ ~ 40.0 ℃
Key Flip App
Special Features H/W : Super Clear Coating, Temperature Sensor, Pivot Display, Clock Battery(168hrs Clock Keeping), Built in Speaker(10W x 2), WiFi Module Embedded S/W : Flip S/W Platform : Kant-M (Tizen 3.0)
Solution Stand Аlone

Warranty 36 M. On Site
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