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Why Digital Signage in Entertainment?

  • Yesterday’s printed signage is outdated. Today’s sophisticated consumers want to be engaged with messaging that changes over time. With multiple playlists and real-time content updates, Digital signage brings you the versatile platform to deliver the future, now.
  • Now is a powerful concept in entertainment. Bring content publishing up-to-date with real-time information update and control of displays in multiple locations. Exciting changes in digital technology are opening up new ways of engaging customers. In one touch, consumers can seek out continually updated sources of media information.



  • Live performance shows in real time through big screens to enhance audience experience


  • Make it easy for moviegoers to find the title they want, with information on the latest releases, movie times, directions and ticketing information.

Amusement park

  • Deliver vivid information on upcoming events and support wayfinding functionality within the park

Sports stadium

  • Live streaming of all the action from the pitch, with web content, broadcasts and advertisements to enrich the stadium experience