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Why corporate Digital Signage?

  • Corporations need to cultivate an environment that allows for enhanced employee collaboration and can facilitate interaction and collaborative sharing of knowledge. Meetings need to be optimized for productivity and interactivity in support of a free exchange of ideas and opinions.
  • Displays need to be utilized to share relevant information, backed by simplified operation and content management, while being able to accommodate situations involving manpower limitations, multiple location deployments and operation.


Executive room

  • Displaying real time market data, effectively providing internal management data, and delivering customized messages across multiple locations.


  • Informing daily notifications and displaying of simple training and business indexing information

Reception or Lobbies

  • Reinforcing brand image, use for displaying artwork to help instill contemporary ambience and disseminating corporate event information

Conference room

  • Facilitating engaging discussionwhile supporting seamless video conferencing, providing up to date meeting schedules and augmenting employee training